Jack Britton

Name: Jack Britton
Career Record: click
Alias: Boxing Marvel
Birth Name: William J. Breslin
Nationality: US American
Hometown: Clinton, NY
Born: 1885-10-14
Died: 1962-03-27
Age at Death: 76
Height: 5′ 8″
Reach: 70 inches
Division: Welterweight
Manager: Dan Morgan


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Written by Rob Snell   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007
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Frank Erne
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Name: Frank Erne
Career Record: click
Birth Name: Erwin Erne
Nationality: Swiss
Birthplace: Dottington
Hometown: Buffalo, NY, USA
Born: 1875-01-08
Died: 1954-09-17
Age at Death: 79

Nebraska State Journal
24 March 1900

Erne Triumphs Over Gans

Buffalo Boy Still The Lightweight Champion


New York March 23

erne-1Frankie Erne of Buffalo successfully defended his title of lightweight champion of the world against Joe Gans (colored) of Baltimore before the Broadway athletic club tonight. Erne did most of the heavy  fighting displaying better judgment and more skill than his opponent.  Gans receive his punishment gamely until the twelfth round  when his left eye was started from its socket by a terrific right hand swing from the Buffalo boy. Gans was helpless  and there was no alternative for the referee but to award the decision to Erne.

Round 1

Both were careful. Erne forced Gans into his corner and tried left and right, but Gans blocked. Erne forced again and landed a straight left to the stomach, getting away cleverly. Then he tried left and right for the head, but failed to land. At the close of the round Gans landed a straight left on the face.

Round 2

Erne opened with a rush and forced Gans into his corner again. The Buffalo lad was very quick and sent right and left to the head, cleverly blocking a left hook which Gans attempted. Erne then forced Gans across the ring and landed three straight swift left jabs on the face and uppercut the negro under the chin with his right

Round 3

Erne kept Gans in his corner and landed a light left on the wind Gans tried a straight left as he jumped to the centre of the ring, but Erne dodged it. Gans placed his right to the body. An exchange of lefts on the face followed Erne leading  Gans countering. Both blocked cleverly until Gans landed straight left on the Jaw.

Round  4

Erne led his left for the head but was blocked. Gans sent a well directed left swing to the jaw, but Erne stepped in quickly and planted his right on the wind at close quarters. Erne swung a light right to the wind and Gans hooked a very light left to the face. Erne led his left to the face and at close quarters Gans sent his right three times rapidly  over the kidneys. Gans sent right and left to the wind Just before the bell.

Gans begins To Fight

Round 5

Gans landed a left on the face and Erne  returned a straight left. Gans sent his left to the head and followed with a right hard on the body and again to the head. Erne sent back a left swing on the jaw to which Gans replied with a short left to the face and right over to the head.

Round 6

There was a lot of fiddling. Gans breaking ground. The negro stopped suddenly and swung his left to Erne's right eye, cutting It. Gans then went in sending right and left swings to the head and Erne surprised everybody by replying with similar blows. Erne was bleeding from the mouth and nose at the bell.

Round 7

Erne rushed and staggered Gans with a right swing on the head. He tried a left, but fell short and stepped in and shot his right up to Gans' chin. Erne sent a hard left to the body and Gans planted a good right on the head. Gans swung his left to the jaw and Erne staggered, but quickly recovered and rushed back with a left and right to the body.

Round. 8

Erne put a straight left to the face and hooked it again to the ear Gans failed to counter, and  Erne reached the body and head with his left, forcing Gans to break ground. Gans stopped after falling short with the left and uppercut Erne on the face with his right.

Round 9

Erne rushed, sending his right over to the head Both men let their arms go like windmills. Erne having- the better of the mixup. Erne hooked three lefts to the ear and Gans reached the body with his left lightly.

Erne Hitting The Hardest

Round 10

Erne landed his left to the wind. He tried for the head and Gans slipped and almost went through the ropes. Erne stepped in, sending a hard left to the stomach and Gans failed to reply. Gans then swung his left to the head and Erne countered. Erne sent straight left and right swing to the face Gans planted a left on Erne’s body.

Round 11

Erne opened with a right hook on the head, Gans countering: on the ribs. Gans landed a light right on the ear and right and left to the body. Erne Jumped in with a left to the body and a right  to the jaw. Erne then came like a whirlwind, starting Gans with a left swing  on the jaw and both went at it hammer and tongs until the bell separated them, with Erne having- the call by long- odds.

Round 12

Erne opened with a left smash on the eye and followed with one on the other optic. Then he smashed his right to the stomach and Gans started toward Frank's corner, staggering blindly. He dropped his hands to his sides and Referee White, seeing: that the negro was in distress, caught hold of Gans, who said:

"I'm blind; I can't see any more."

White threw up both hands and told Erne to go to his corner, He then led the colored man to his corner and for the first time saw that Gans' left eye was out of its socket. "Erne wins," shouted White, as Dr. Creamer jumped into the ring and replaced the injured optic. "My right did the trick," said Erne as he left the ring, and the Buffalo crowd carried him to his dressing room.

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