Paul Berlenbach

Name: Paul Berlenbach
Career Record: click
Alias: Astoria Assassin
Nationality: US American
Birthplace: New York, NY
Hometown: New York, NY
Born: 1901-02-18
Died: 1985-09-30
Age at Death: 84
Height: 5' 10?

Paul Berlenbach was born a deaf-mute to French and German parents. When he was 18, while working as an instructor at a Westchester County institution for deaf-mutes, he went to the aid of a boy whose kite had become entangled in an electric wire 12 feet above the ground. Climbing a pole, he released the kite, but came in contact with the wire, received a shock, and fell to the ground. Those who came to his rescue feared him dead. First aid revived him. When he came to, he immediately found that he now had normal hearing. Subsequent treatment developed his speech.

He became a wrestler and won the Middleweight Gold at the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games. He soon tired of grappling and became a boxer, winning 13 knockouts and three decisions as an amateur, earning an amateur boxing championship as well. After his boxing career ended, he went back to wrestling for awhile. He had first retired from boxing to enter the lumber business.



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